Thursday, September 4, 2008

Why Obama? Why Won't People Answer?

I'd heard of it, but I hadn't tried it. I ran into an Assistant Principal who was an open Obama supporter. I asked her why.

"Because of his experience" she proudly said.
"Such as?"
No answer.
"And the things he's going to do" she went on.
"Such as?"
Blank stare.
"He's for the kids".
"Anything in particular?"
"And he has surrounded himself with talented people".
I thought of Jerimiah Wright and Bill Ayers, but bit my tongue.

Now this is not only a college educated woman, but one with advanced degrees. She is not stupid, but I am wondering if she is honest. Her answers are throwaways. There is no depth to them. Nothing. And I think she knows it. Then what is the truth?

It could be race? Like a team sport. "One of ours". Except she was white. White guilt?

Wealth envy? Tax the dirty rich? An Assistant Principal is in the top twenty percent of income earners.

Straight out Socialism?

Never before a campaign with so much mystery of where he really wants to go or why people want to follow him.

Whatever it is, she either can't or won't say it. Neither will any of the other Obamaniacs.

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