Monday, September 1, 2008


I have been asked about an inconsistency in my essay abort abortion.

I favored moving this issue from Federal to State or local. Then I wrote of:
"Bad in that it was one more nail into the supremacy of the U. S. Constitution."

I do not see that as a contradiction.

I have a saying at work that "if everything is the highest priority, then nothing is". The same holds true here. There was a hierarchy of our legal system. Each level moderated the level below it. Differences between people should first be resolved at the local level. Differences between people in different communities were to be handled at the state level, and laws effecting differences between states at the Federal level. Now, every issue is a Federal issue. Always in the name of safety or the children, but the truth is that the states could and should handle most of these issues with a better relation to the needs of its people. Education is a great example but I will cover that in another missive.

Since the last presidency of one of the founding fathers, there has constantly been a desire to consolidate power away from the people. In the last hundred years starting with Woodrow Wilson, the push to subjugate the entire country has been ever excelerating, especially through FDR, and LBJ.

With all issues at the Federal level, the only hierarchy of importance is in the hands of bureaucrats, not the law.

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