Friday, August 20, 2010

Time Magazine Cover: Is America Islamophobic?

While I am not one to even suggest prohibiting the Cordoba Center for Islamic Bragging (I say meet it in kind); I have to take issue with the ad hominem defense of the center.

First of all, we are well served to be Islamophobic, "in fear of Islam". One is not paranoid when they really are out to get you. Islam has been at war with all non-Muslims for all its existence. Peaceful coexistence is contrary to the Quran. Despite the best protestations of the American Liberal Media, their own words damn them. And when the time comes, there will not be exceptions made for being a dhimmi (Arabic: ذمي‎ [ˈðɪmːiː]).

Second, Islam is America-phobic also, and has been since the days of Thomas Jefferson. They have been increasingly so for the last forty years, as have their violent attacks on Americans, Europeans, and Asians.

Time Magazine, if you wish to defend the Cordoba Center, defend it on the basis of the United States' freedoms of speech, of assembly, and religion. Attacking the American public for feeling offended and not sharing your infinite wisdom is adding insult to injury. It does nothing to change anyone's mind. It reinforces the general public perception that Time magazine, the media, and the Eastern elites are un-American. And most important, it reinforces the divide between Islam and the rest of the world.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In Defense of the Ground Zero Mosque

Contrary to what the Political Correctness Police would have us believe, there is no right not to be offended.

I am sorry, but it is so. There is, however, a right to the free practice of religion. Of course they can build. There is also a right to free speech. You can stand outside with a protest sign or build a billboard across the street saying "Jesus Saves". These are parts of the strength of America.

So, maybe, this might be better ...

On one side of the mosque build a synagogue. On the other build a Christian church, preferably a Pentecostal variety of some kind.

And my personal favorites, on the other side of the street, with flashing neon and chase lights a spectacular topless (bottomless?) club. And with smoke a-blowing, a TastyPig Bar-B-Que.

Like I said, in America, no one has the right not to be offended.

No point in building a gay bar, though, some things don't offend the Moslems.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Election Campaigns That Still Don't "Get It"

It is Political Season in Georgia, and I am so sick and tired of Politicians whose sole reason to vote for them is that their opponent is worse. I have reached the end of my rope. In this case it is a man who wants to be our Attorney General and he wastes three pages of his four page brochure, his one chance to tell me why he would be a good AG and what he would do to help hold us back from the abyss that our President and Congress are trying to push us into. He wastes it telling me about his opponents infidelity - on three pages!

On his one remaining page what information does he try to squeeze in? Well, 2.4 inches at the top of his 11 inches is address space. Then 4.5 inches of the obligatory smiling family picture. Then the obligatory "Proven Conservative Leader" boilerplate. A 12 point line about how he got an "'A+' rating from the Georgia Christian Coalition." That tells me both good and bad about him - the good that he probably is a decent person, but the bad is that he is probably the kind of anti-libertarian Republican that drives people away from the Republican Party, especially when we need to scale back the size, power
and cost of ALL OUR GOVERNMENTS. And finally, the coup de grace, the obligatory Pro-Life line. Sam, you aren't pregnant. You aren't running for gynecologist. You aren't even running for the legislature where you could pursue the issue. It has nothing to do with Attorney General. So why is it there? Twice. Twice because this section has a second column consisting of a 16 point this time list of "PROVEN. CONSERVATIVE. PRO-LIFE", his logo and "REPUBLICAN".
I think it is a cynical grab at what he thinks conservative voters are. Cynical because he thinks we, like he, are more concerned about trying to control others than we are about our own freedom, independence, fiscal responsibility and the Georgia and United States Constitutions. He is just another professional politician more interested in getting himself a job than in fixing our government.
No, Sam, I won't be voting for you. It doesn't mean I will vote for your opponent, but I won't vote for you.

Do not reward negative campaigning.
Force them to tell us about what they will do, or withhold your vote.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Seventh Level of Hell

Unlike Dante, I do not know who it is reserved for or what I have done to go there; but I do know what it is:

It is an endless loop of Pachelbel's Canon in D played over and over wowing & fluttering and fading in & out, interrupted every 45 seconds by "Your call is very important to us. Please stay on the line for the next available [agent]"; knowing full well that if you hang up, you will only have to go back to square one and start over again.

State of New Jersey, Treasury Department, Division of Pensions, fix the damn tape, or better yet, use a digital recorder - they don't wear out!