Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oh the Price of Gas!

Where is honesty in reporting these days? Gasoline is not getting more expensive. Oh, it looks like it costs you more, but in relation to tangible things going up too, gold, silver, milk, bread, and Coca-cola, gasoline is at the same relative position it has been. * Then what gives? Your dollar is in free fall.
But what about the "obscene " profits the oil companies make? Same percent of gross it has always been. Do you think that after they make what you think is enough that they ought to give gasoline away? And where does that profit go? To the evil stockholders. And who are they? The biggest holders of most stocks are pension plans. The biggest of those are the teacher's retirement plans - people of the same political persuasion as many of the loudest complainers. Windfall profits tax would take it from your own retirement. Poetic Justice.
And since the tax load on gasoline is about three times the profit, where is the outrage over the increase in revenue to the Government?

*The story on this at a future date.