Friday, September 12, 2008

I Feel a Little Nauseous Tonight

[For those who don't know I work in the schools. I am all but invisible. I work on the electrical things in the rooms, and they barely notice me come in or go out. And my religion would be best described as agnostic. I am neither fanatically attached to nor hostile to people having religious convictions; But I abhor double standards.]

This afternoon, I slid into a classroom to check the quality of the television reception, since an area of a middle school was having problems. When I arrived, they were watching a documentary on Islam. To me it seemed a very flattering presentation on the pillars of Islam. They were at the part that goes "There is but one God and his name is Allah". As I walked out I thought "you know that is the same as in the Ten Commandments really." And then I remember that even though the Ten Commandments is in two of world's five great religions, it has been banished from the public schools.

Once more there is a double standard in our government that no one dare acknowledge.

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