Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"... Failed Economic Policies ..."

"Do we need four more years of Bush's failed economic policies? Try mine instead." Does that mean try his failed policies?

It doesn't matter which candidate you choose. None of them are bright enough or modest enough to do the right thing. That is, nothing at all. What? Yep. Mixing Government and free enterprise bought us this mess. More Government will not make it better. Our masters in Washington have distorted cause and effect.

Let the companies collapse. Let other insurance companies take over the vacancy and write policies according to sound feduciary guidelines. Let other mortgage companies buy the loans and administer them according to traditional banking standards. The existing policies and loans are assets of the corporation and should be sold to pay the creditors and what's left to the stockholders. Clip the shrouds on the golden parachutes and/or persue criminal charges.

The CEO's of the giant corporations have long forgotten that they work for the stockholders. The interlocking Boards of Directors have taken care of each other to the exclusion of ordinary stockholders for so long that we have come to think that the compensations are actually justified by their value to the system. Yet Every CEO of a failing company thinks his worth is similar to a successful one.

You may wonder how this all ties together, but risk and reward are inherent to the system. Reward without risk may have success, but only by blind luck. There is nothing to force the CEO to do right. A company that is bailed out broadcasts the news that it does not matter if the CEO is responsible or not. So does a Golden Parachute. The $14,000,000 that the CEO of Lehman Brothers is leaving with is just one more thing he is stealing from the stockholders. Only this time he has added the $35,000,000,000 he has stolen from the US taxpayers to the loss of the recent market value of the stock in the company that is now worthless.

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