Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Have Never Been So Disgusted In My Life

Somewhere tonight is a seventeen-year-old girl crying in her pillow. She already had a heartbreaking problem. But people from the political party of love and compassion have been holding her trouble up for political gain.

Many times we say "it cannot get any lower than this", and somehow it does. I believe this time we have reached the absolute bottom of human depravity. I believe that the only step down for these sanctimonious @ssh07es will be checking the candidate's Maxi-pads to check on the Candidate's reproductive condition. Film at 11:00.

Many times over many years I have wished that these newspeople were held to the same moral standard to which they hold Republicans. Hang out their dirty laundry for humiliation by the rest of us. I know it exists.

For a tiny example, In the late seventies, I knew some of the local Atlanta newspeople. I even went to Christmas parties several times with about 20 people, some of whom still read the news on radio and television. Any of you Atlanta newscasters remember sitting on the waterbed to watch a little of Saturday Night Live only to have a 15 inch vibrator spring out from between the mattress and the frame? She still reads on AM radio. Anyone remember the styrofoam Christmas tree circled with rows and rows of joints like so many candles? I love your anti-drug news reports. Since they hold so much power and sway over our lives, it is time to start vetting our reporters and anchor new people to have such perfect lives as they demand of others.

I want you news people thinking back over your own lives before you pile on a seventeen-year-old girl who has done nothing you haven't done -- she just didn't do it as well.

Remember, good girls get pregnant. Bad girls know what to do.

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