Sunday, September 21, 2008

Larry Waldo Paramoure

October 24, 1936 - September 12th, 2008

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I buried one of my closest friends, one of the people I most admired, and ex-father-in-law Saturday. Larry was a salesman by trade and by temperment. He was naturally comfortable with everyone from the top of society to the common working man. He died six weeks after his wife of 44 years, Betty; perhaps of a broken heart. Larry was a man of strong opinions who could be just as happy playing devil's advocate.
I owe much to the man, having developed my debating skills at his dining room table.

He never failed to find some interesting tidbit of information with future consequences for the world. And he was generally right. Larry predicted the Hurricane Katrina disaster scenario to me in 1973 or 4. And he was right. But I remember most the rest of his story -- there was no height that those levees could be built to that was out of God's reach. And that all that trying would do was make the magnitude of the breach that much more massive.

Just a few weeks ago we spoke of banking, money, and gold. He predicted the imminent collapse of the big mortgage banks and of the coming gold crisis in South Africa as it follows the path of wealthy Rhodesia's change to impoverished Zimbabwe.

I will miss him immensely as I miss Betty's charm and gumbo.

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