Tuesday, September 23, 2008

National Health Care Fear

In a couple of hours, I will take my eighty-seven soon to be eighty-eight year old mother in to the hospital to have her pacemaker replaced. When I get to be eighty-seven, will this still be done? Or will it be considered wasteful surgery? Will we, like England, ration out health care? After all, there is only so much government money to go around, and I will have lived my life; and be considered to be taking valuable space and money that would better serve a teenage gansta gunshot victim who is young and thus has his whole life (?) ahead of him and who might have to give up his spinner wheels to afford health insurance.

It has been the story of my life that I was the one at the cafeteria line up there at Shimer College when the steak ran out on steak night and they put up the liver and onions instead.

Follow up: The operation was a success. Everything is fine.

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