Monday, September 1, 2008

Gustav - a disappoinment to the Networks?

About the middle of last week, both my daughter and my ex who live in the New Orleans area have called up in tears. I guess the networks got their wish, even if they didn't get the disaster that would wash the ratings up into their Nielsen book. ABC, NBC CBS and CNN managed once again to create panic even if they couldn't cement us to the TV and create anger at Bush at the same time. They at least paniced the natives. I hope they read the story of the little boy who cried wolf. Next time they'll over-react the other way.
My daughter rode it out again, staying in the city through it all. She lives in a high ground area, but stayed with her boss and friends. To me, that sounds more like a party. My ex and her husband went to Mobile to stay with his family. From the weather images, it looks like she might even have had more rain from the outer bands than NOLA.

Not talking much on the tube about politicians this time. No space for good news. I suspect the praise goes to the new Governor, Piyush "Bobby" Jindal. Last time the blame was heaped on the Federal Government in a fit of Bush Derangement Syndrome. But this time, things seemed to have worked the way they are supposed to. I personally believe the credit here should go to where the blame should have gone last time - the City, Parrish and State governments of Louisiana.

And re: the postponing and truncating of the Republican National Convention by storm coverage.
This is probably some well needed editing. Remember, this law of nature: meetings expand to fit the time available for them. However it does help the networks by having their electioneering bias covered by "The storm was important news".

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