Thursday, November 19, 2009

Redistribution of Wealth? No.

Redistribution of Wealth? No. Redistribution of your income. Wealth becomes ever more concentrated.
Think of an old movie of the siege of a castle. Think of the guys climbing the ladders to get up to the top. What this so-called redistribution of wealth does is push those guys off the ladder. The closer you get to the top, the more likely you are to be pushed off.

Those truly wealthy people. Those hereditary families of wealth: Astor, DuPont, Kennedy, Rockefeller, Rothschild, and Vanderbilt will be just as wealthy, if not more wealthy than they are now. Their place in the world is even more cemented in place without being challenged by upstarts like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet or Donald Trump.

I used to try to explain to my union buddies that the people we were working for did not have big piles of money that they would swim in like Scrooge McDuck. No, the people we worked for had customers that they worked for who were trying to hard to get work from customers that they could work for an bring in that money that would ultimately work its way down to us. Oh, trickle down? That's been discredited by ... people who have something to gain be making us all dependent.
But I have seen a place with money like that - piled high and deep. And it is not the Federal Government. The Federal Reserve Bank, a private corporation that pays no taxes though it has all the money in the world (figuratively, not literally - though close)

Ok, all you cretins with Communist desires, all you who think that your place in life will improve by taxing the rich to bring their wealth home to you; go where the wealth really is. Storm that Bastille where the money really is coagulating and not circulating to you. Aim your confiscatory taxation at the Federal Reserve Bank. Instead of bailing out Bear-Stearnes, they should be bailing us out.

But no, our Congress is trying to squeeze the last drops of blood out of us, after all we are the rich - nurses, school teachers, electricians. Not Kennedys, Vanderbilts, and Rothschilds.

Tax the rich, feed the poor till there are no rich no more. (apologies to Ten Years After) I cannot tell you how many people missed the irony.

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