Thursday, November 19, 2009

Everything Not Prohibited Is Mandatory

"Everything Not Prohibited Is Mandatory" read a sign over the entrance to an ant colony in the Sword in the Stone, part of T.H. White's book The Once and Future King.

It could easily refer to the medical reform bills bulldozing their ways through Congress right now. But I would add one more caveat: "and both prohibited and mandatory will remit money to the Government."

We'll be sorry.

Today's illustration is a memory from my childhood. I went to hear Terence Hanbury White speak at the University of Pennsylvania several months before he died.


Matthew Sickinson said...

WHy do you care so much about MONEY?

There was this Indian lady on the phone an hour ago, calling because I'd half-filled out a form for some fake "Work for Google" pop-up ad website thing that promised I could make money sitting at home helping them, something with advertizing... anyway I don't know what it was about and I almost gave them my credit card number, but I told her, before hanging up, I told her: "I don't really need any money."

And it's true. I don't. I got my parents, they give ME money, and that's all I really need. For now. I guess.


If you ever need any money, Christopher Ness, you know where to hit me up @.

2834 Woodstar Ct. Duluth

well,we're moving to Hall County soon, in a couple of months or so.
I think Lanier Dr. or something. It's on lake lanier.

my email address is, I think. The 10 is for 2010.

luxomni said...

This medical plan is so urgent that it will not begin services until 2014, but will begin taxation immediately on passage.
What do you think the real purpose it? It isn't getting people well.

luxomni said...

Why do I care so much about money? It is a marker for the worth of my life. I traded some of the limited time out of my life and my labors to someone else. In return they gave me this that I might regain that time and service from yet another person. The Government comes and says I owe some of my life (in fact more than I am allowed to keep) to them that they might use to curry favor with. There is a word for my labor and life belonging to someone else. That word is slavery.