Friday, November 20, 2009

A Favorite Quote: From the Seventh Seal

Spoken by the knight Antonius Block's squire Jöns:

"This is squire Jöns. He grins at Death, mocks the Lord, laughs at himself and leers at the girls. His world is a Jöns-world, believable only to himself, ridiculous to all including himself, meaningless to Heaven and of no interest to Hell."¹

And my other favorite quote, also from squire Jöns:

My little stomach is my world, my head is my eternity, and my hands,
two wonderful suns. My legs are time's damned pendulums, and my dirty feet
are two splendid starting points for my philosophy. Everything is worth
precisely as much as a belch, the only difference being that a belch
is more satisfying.

¹This is the translation from the book Four Screenplays of Ingmar Bergman; Simon & Schuster; ISBN-10: 0-6716-7833-7
as opposed to the book the Films of Ingrid Bergman; Citadel; ISBN 0-8065-0480-3 which an old girlfriend once bought me by mistake.

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