Friday, November 27, 2009

Please, Sir, May I Have Some More.

A comment to Mathew's question on another post. I thought it belonged up front and not in the back.

Why do I care so much about money? It is a marker for the worth of my life. I traded some of the limited time out of my life and my labors to someone else. In return they gave me this that I might regain that time and service from yet another person. The Government then comes and says I owe some of my life (in fact more than I am allowed to keep) to them that the politicians might use it to curry favor and buy votes with. There is a word for my labor and life belonging to someone else.

That word is slavery.

Today's illustration is a one hundred dollar United States Note, a fiat currency from before the Federal Reserve had a monopoly on Monopoly™ money.

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Mathew dickenson said...

stop saying my name. you're feeding my ego.

I liked the quote from Squire Jon. I ve seen that Bergman movie twice and don't remember that part. I think I showed it to Marianne the last time I was at her house, I mean the DVD, and I think she borrowed it. But I like Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey better.

ha ha! man, that's the best.

I like "Another Woman' By woody allen better than Bergman too, although i've only seen a few by him... i've seen wild strawberries and Cries and Whispers and parts of Winter Light. He oftne has good photography, I just don't really agree with his sensibility or something. I don't know.

I would work somewhere if someone asked me to work for them and it was an ethical job. I'm not going to go around with resume papers to different stores trying to convince them to hire me though. NOt unless i have to.