Thursday, November 19, 2009

On Matthew and Money

Matthew Sickinson said in response to a previous post...
Why do you care so much about MONEY?

Because money is life. It is moving part of your life of today to prepare for your future, and paying for the shortfalls of your life in the past. It is a measure and means of responsibility.
You and Marianne and apparently your generation are still relying on your parents to carry you after more than a quarter of your way through your life. Your parents and grandparents had been on their own eight years by this point in their lives.
And now your generation are expecting an entitlement to free medical care to join your free food and lodging. Whatever you get will be taken (ultimately by force or the threat of) from others. The health care that will be given to the young who have chosen to spend their money on Flat Screen Super TVs, Wii games, stupid car modifications, cigarettes, booze, and drugs rather than pay for their own way must be taken from those who have outlived their savings and health. This new health plan is a death sentence for little old ladies like my mother in order to plow under the wild oats sown by those who will not care for themselves.

Whether one is a literal believer in the Divinity and stories of the Bible; Whether you believe it was divinely inspired or written by man to ensure civilized living; there is much wisdom in the precepts and messages of it. It is a plan for living and interacting with others. It is more than mere coincidence that one of most notable passages on charity, I Corinthians Chapter 13, includes as part of that verse 11: "When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things" (KJV). It is time.


Matthew d/sickinson said...

I can't. I cause problems with others. I've tried working and all I do is quit. I show up for a few days (if that) and then I don't. They usually don't even call back. One time I went back to a Wal-Mart I worked at for 1 and a half days and saw that I was still in the computer. I noticed this because I was trying to reapply for work and it said I couldn't because I still worked there. I was like, "well then where have all my paychecks been? You owe me a lot of money!"

I should be working, and I do, but I would like to working creatively, like in video games. I dislike the Wii and prefer the DS.

I don't cost my parents that much money. In the years since I was 18, I still haven't used up the amount of money they would have spent on me had they sent me to 4 years of college at UGA (I think).

They don't seem to hate me living with them. They actually almost seem to prefer that I don't leave and that I don't get a job.

I would like to get married someday and have kids, however if I live alone for the rest of my life, even after my parents have died, perhaps I won't be stealing from others by living off welfare if you consider that my parents have probably already paid enough money through taxes for welfare to cover my costs. They will have paid for me. Maybe.

I'll think about getting a job in the future. I wish Israel would invite me to move there. I wish I would work less often for free.

I hate work. I prefer living at home and not having to work. I don't really see what I owe the world. Almost all jobs are unnecessary.

Matthew Dickinson said...

I have trouble taking worse seriously because artists and football players are paid so much money.

Matthew Dickinson said...

Sorry, I meant to write

"I have trouble taking WORK seriously because artists and football players are paid so much money."

Matthew Dickinson said...

Also my genetic potential is low and I don't have much culture. I don't really have much to offer the world. Whatever work I could provide would be miniscule and it would probably be wiser to design robots to replace me, slobs like me.

I don't understand why more of the world isn't automated.

Matthew Dickinson said...

Also I think Marianne is trying her hardest to work and find jobs. I even helped her find work at the mall one day, walking around with her, as she applied for work in various stores.

MattheW DICKINSOnflkdskfnsadfsadf said...

Things were different in my grandparents' generation. My grandmother started to drive a car at like age 14 or something, maybe 13, in Tennessee, and people got married young back then. They didn't have to worry about college, which is a total fucking waste of time and money and energy. I really dislike school and school is one of the reasons I hate the world and most people so much. If I had never been forced into 10 years of school, I would probably have a lot less anger built up inside of me. But as it stands, my number 1 hero is still Dylan Klebold.

Matthew said...

joking. But still, I think a lot of schools, maybe almost all of them, should be molotov cocktailed at night, when nobody is around. I mean they should be abolished. What is good about them? Kids should just be out playing and having fun and being physical. If I was dictator of this country, I would just make mandatory public schooling to be about 4 years long, and make it optional for whenever you want to take it, and basically it would just teach reading, writing, arithmatic and basic history of some kind. I dunno, something simple and concentrated and over-with-fast like that.

I really hated school. I kind of feel like I don't owe the world anything, and never will, just because of all the bad experiences I had in school. Is that whiny to say?

Well whatever, so I whine. Big deal. What are you going to do about it?

Money... money is stupid. I don't like money. I don't even like the way it looks anymore in America, on paper and in cents. The designs aren't as good. I used to collect coins as a kid, so I should know.

Ever seen "Throw Mama From the Train"? Pretty good movie. I like that scene with what's his name, the short guy. Danny Devito. yeah. took me a second there.

Matthew Dick Dick Dick. said...

I think I should be paid for the comments I leave on internet websites.

30 cents a comment. Why not?

It's writing. Columnists in newspapers get paid.

Why not? Hmm?


why not?

You tell me.

Because I think I should get paid for this.

I write good comments. Maybe these aren't my shiniest examples, but I've left some cool ones on YouTube and shit before. I've been talking on the internet since AOL 2.5.

Matthew Dickinson said...

I don't really want to grow up. I watched "Hook" the other night, by Steven Spielberg, and loved it. I don't understand why the planet earth can't be more of a play land. Why is adult life always so serious? I think people care about their own impending deaths too much. The day before my grandmother died I read with her in her hospital bed a book on Ripley's Believe It or Not and we laughed at the pictures. I remember her being tickled by a picture of a little kid smoking a cigar -- "the world's youngest smoker." She was a good woman. She had a sense of humor. She didn't love money.

Matthew Dickinson said...

I think i might actually start wiping my ass with 1 dollar bills on occasion.

This afternoon, or yesterday afternoon that is, since I'm writing this at 3 AM, I asked the mail-lady if she gets paid enough money. (As she was handing me the mail and taking out the outgoing mail from the box). And she said yes.

She was black, too.

Matthew does it again said...

Julia Roberts really is beautiful. I loved her in Hook.

I love that movie.

Steven Spielberg should move to Israel and lead the nation.

Chaim ben Pesach should be vice president there. Vice prime minister, or whatever it's called :)

That would make a good combo.

I'm insane, by the way said...

Is Chaim ben Peach even Jewish? why doesn't he wear a beard?

Matthew Shitinson said...

How does that "when I was a child" passage square with Jesus saying the truth comes out of the mouths of babes?

The whole New Testament is full of shit. said...

Some good music:

Damn, I wish these guys would get some exposure! (Am I the only one that likes them?)

msd6236, matthew dickinson said...

More cathartic ramblings:

I really like David Cross' character in "Men in Black II." Except he had a girlfriend. Umm... well, uhh, maybe that's something I could aspire to someday. Then I could be as great as David Cross' character in "Men in Black II."


I asked David Perry ("MDK") in email if he wanted me to work for him and he didn't respond. I suggested the idea of just being a file clerk of some sort or maybe a creative consultant who worked by email and phone and who was paid only minimum wage. Maybe he didn't really consider it, and maybe I will never get hired anywhere respectable since a quick Google search of me could discover I'm a Holocaust-denying, Apollo-denying, 911 Truther type who's been in and out of mental institutions since the age of 18, and who will probably never change, and who doesn't have any talent anyway.

Whatever the case, there shure are a lot of Davids in this world. My brother was going to be named David. He died in childbirth. David Andrew.

Do you think this story is true? My dad had a lot of trouble believing it and he's a veterinarian. Is that how you spell that word?

I wish I was more like Kathy Ireland's character in "Alien from L.A."

I think I need to work on my RPG Maker VX project. Takahito Abe was going to maybe produce music for that, but my parents wouldn't give me enough money to pay him.

Even though they want to buy me a 6,000 used car, they wouldn't consider just getting a 4,000 car and giving me 2,000 in cash so I could maybe pay this Japanese composer, or other artists who work on my project.

I'm tired. I need to get a job somewhere. I turned down an offer from an Indian advertizing company today by phone.

Indians are stupid.

Matthew, dar, 7yu6, eggleston hosp. said...

I tried submitting a review of an old anime to Play Magazine but Brady Fietcher didn't respond. He wouldn't even respond to say "No," even though he'd already wrote me an email of two sentences saying that "sure," he'll consider a submission from me.

Thanks Brady. That was 4 hours of my life I'll never get back watching that movie and writing up the review and taking those screenshots.

This kind of thing has happened to me a lot.

I was banned from's community recently, and from Wikipedia. I was banned from, Stormfront, and a million other places. Harlan Ellison has banned me like three times from his site.

I wish they'd just ban me from the internet all together.

They should ban me from like every site except Heh.

Matthew Scott Dickinson (msd) said...

Let's see, 17 comments, that isn't enough. What else can I talk about?

Oh, I know: wait, no, I can't think of anything. This is it! I'm out of ideas!

I'm bored!

(Maybe I should get a job. Hmm, no. Nah. A job? Me? Matthew Dickinson? have a job? It'd spoil my reputation!)

Besides, nobody's hiring.

And you need an education to get any job that pays good. I don't want to get an education! I can barely pay attention in class anyway. I went to a few days of school at Georgia Perimeter earlier this summer and it was BORING! The teachers were stupid. They were STUPID. They were even stupider than the ones I had in high school.

I think I want to go upstairs and play Resident Evil 2. I wish I could play as the zombies :P

MSD said...

After reading these comments, would you, dear reader, ever want to hire a guy like me?

Auschwitz - a prison camp or a death camp?

No one wants to hire me. I'm a Holocaust skeptic. I don't even think Jews should live outside of Israel.

I'm for putting Jude Stars on Jews.

In fact, I even might start wearing one myself!