Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Randi Rhodes Disingenuous? Say It Ain't So

On my way home this afternoon, my XM radio was tuned to the channel where her show comes on. (4pm either Talk Radio or Americas. Sorry, not sure which)

She started out by attacking the anti healthcare-takeover people with a cute little jingle as being disingenuous . The gist was that conservatives saying "that guns and cars made our number of deaths look worse than they are" was statistical misrepresentation. Well, it is. Misrepresentation on the part of her straw man argument. It does not make the number of deaths look worse. It make the average life expectancy look worse. It actually does. The deaths to murder (by the way, murder, not accidental gun deaths as she said on her show) and auto fatalities primarily affect the young. The statistical distortion that causes does occur does force the average life expectancy in this country to the down side. There is no honest way of avoiding that. Public health care will not cure either of those problems.

The real problem is that 50% of our population is of below average intelligence.

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