Friday, September 25, 2009

Another Empty, Self Congratulatory Obama Speech

This speech, the one the President made at the G-20 meeting in Pittsburgh - SSDD - Same Stuff Different Day. But did anyone else notice that it was made between five PM and six PM Eastern Time, right over top of the Glenn Beck show? Does anyone suppose that it was merely a coincidence? And why in the world did Fox Network preempt the Glenn Beck special to play it? It was no different than any of his others. No sixth graders will memorize this one.

And one last question - Am I the only one who notices the number of times President Obama uses the word "I" as the start of his sentences. In the seventh grade, Mr. Brabson taught me to vary my sentence structure and not start every sentence with "I".
For reference,the word I does not appear in the Gettysburg Address, not even once.

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clzuhde said...

'I'..."Let me be perfectly clear.." Take your pick. I (oops!)believe this is not the first time Glenn has been interrupted by Mr. Obama. No put a cranky face here, one that my kids would fearfully call 'the look'!