Wednesday, April 15, 2009

To Anonymous

Several things:

1) On surface: It is not the top 1%. It is not even the top .1%. Those of whom you write are the top .00001%. The top 1 per cent are just like you and me. They just work harder and generally longer hours. They studied for more years, and yes, in some cases had blind luck or inherited. The people of whom you really write do not even appear on Forbes' list. A level above.

2) Get a name. There are 250 million anonymouses in this country alone. If you are to pontificate, people should be able to recognize that it is even the same person; and especially one whose opinion they respect. Be anonymous sure, but be recognizable - Publius, Adam Smith, John Galt, Luxomni have been taken, but there are others out there. Too much para-noia is para-lyzing.

3 And I can't stress this enough - EDIT. Long rambling, off topic rants may satisfy you, but the do not communicate. Small pieces. I have read some of your comment, but in two attempts, I can't get all the way through it without nodding off.

4) Get your own Blog. They are cheap or even free. So far not even a hint of censorship. But long, off-topic, multiday, parasitic rants threatening that they are not to be removed, do not convince, only annoy.

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