Monday, April 13, 2009


Red - Once the signature color of the Bolshevic communists, now a disparaging term for states that have more people who value their families and themselves more than they have people who value the Government and what it can take away from others to give to them.

Orange - The Irishmen that don't get drunk on March 17th.

Yellow - Descriptive of anti-War protestors.

Green - A word once descriptive of the thumb of someone who would grow plants, now describing those who would prevent that same person from raising edible plants or animals.

Blue - According to USA Today, the color of the states where more people believe they will get something for nothing from the Government than think they will pay the bill. Hence, singing the blues.

Indigo - Who knows what indigo is? No one ever uses the word other than describing the rainbow.

Violet - Color of the crown chakra - New Age talk lifted from the Hindu religion and used by people who would deny others the beliefs of Christianity.

Black - A color used by people to describe themselves that they would take offense at you using. Also, a group believed by Liberals to be incompetent at taking care of and advancing themselves through education or hard work. From which comes "equal opportunity" and other equality concepts that really enshrine and compel inequality.

Pink - Now the patented trademark and exclusive property of the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Formerly a color of a crayon sold by the Binney and Smith company as "flesh" (now obsolete)

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