Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party

Tea Party
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Yep, I did it. I went down to the State Capitol to stand in a crowd of strangers to show my displeasure with a government that see me only as a chattel of the state. I walked four long cold walks to stand around in a crowd. I stood in a couple of packed subway trains. It was the least I could do for those guys who put up with so much to secure this land and our wonderful Constitution.

I have no idea how many people were actually there at any one time. I only know that when I went there a little after eight the was a steady line of people going from the MARTA (subway) station to the Capitol ... and a steady line coming back from it. I could not get closer than two blocks to the Capitol stage. I tried from about four different places to get either closer or a better view. The speakers were clear, so I could hear and (mostly) understand the speeches even if I had no idea who was speaking. Mostly they said what I thought. The news derided the assembly and low-balled the count - but who didn't see that coming days before the event. Then again, that's half the reason I went. I wanted to make the media's lies harder to make. I had better things to do. I could even write this blog. But no, I had to stand up so they could see me even if they would deny I was there.

Once more the News media do not understand or even listen.
I have heard it said that we are Republican shills. They miss the point.
We have been angry with the Republicans too for not being fiscally and feduciarily responsible. We held our noses to vote for Republicans. They miss the point.
I have heard we are racist, although the only color we are concerned about is green. The green of the fruits our own labor not the green of jet-setting ruling class elites like Al Gore. They miss the point.
They think we are anti-American, but it is the media and the ruling political elite who have left America behind. They miss the point.

They miss the point, or do they deliberately distort it? Someone ask Susan Roesgen .

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