Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Silver Warcry!

It is not enough that the big financial houses and their accomplices in Congress have misappropriated the present and future wealth of this country to prolong the eventual collapse of the Ponzi scheme we call the Federal Reserve Note.

There is literally no end to the banker's desire to have it all. Even though we have been off the Silver Standard backing currency for 45 years last month, many banks still have listed assets of silver as their collateral backing their solvency. But, as with all deposits, there is no profit in merely having them sit around gathering dust. The banques majeur have leased out, sold short, or sold on futures those silver assets. The banks list their physically present silver concurrently with their receipt silver. This is why the price of tangible silver is at a premium over paper silver. At some point in the near future, the banks will have to exercise the fungibility of silver to cover the absence of the real metal. As long as they declare the spot price of silver to be low, this will be the rate at which they buy silver. Good luck on you buying at that rate also.

Sincere thanks to John at Stellaconcepts for permitting the use of his video.

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