Thursday, April 2, 2009

American Fascism

Sometimes I become so familiar with things I don't pay attention to them. Thanks to Glenn Beck for pointing this out to us on his radio show this morning. These were common in my childhood, but now are collectors items. The Fasces was a symbol of Mussolini's Fascist party in Italy for the same reason that the United States put it on the so many of our National symbols. And the origin of the symbol was from the same time period in many cases - the Progressive era. That same period of time under Woodrow Wilson that brought us the Federal Reserve Bank and the Internal Revenue Service.

Was it the same kind of mere coincidence that has the Hopi Indians and the India Indians using the swastika as a symbol? I ... don't ... think ... so. Once more, let me recommend Jonah Goldberg's book Liberal Fascism. For most of my life, the media and the powers-that-be have misdirected our view of Fascism to be ultra-right; but the truth is if you read contemporary materials of the time, you will find that Fascism was a Progressive Liberal movement. Not only that, but back then, they, the Progressive Movement, had not even learned to lie about their intentions. They proudly displayed them. The name Socialist was an accurate description for the National Socialist Party - the Nazis. More important, the difference is only partially Liberal and Conservative anyway. The big difference is individualist and collectivist. A Fascist is the ultimate collectivist. It always strikes me as strange to see these anarchists such as are now rioting in London protesting against capitalism, which is an individualist thing, in favor of the collectivist, socialist, fascist system which would deny them the very protests they enjoy so much. Their teachers will not teach them of Woodrow Wilson's political prisoners. Nixon didn't do that. Not even Lyndon Johnson did that. FDR did, but only for Japanese-Americans.

Now we have the most Fascist President of the United States since Woodrow Wilson, merging American business into the American Government. What other Fascist trappings will he adopt?

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