Monday, January 19, 2009

Is the Senate our House of Lords? Or why are there never worthy Senate candidates in New York?

As I have said before, those wise men who made this country never intended the Senator to represent the people of the states; Senators were intended to represent the States themselves. Even when Woodrow Wilson emasculated the states and took their rights, the Senators were the representatives of the people of each of the states. States have varied interests. Some are concerned with agriculture, some with industry, all with commerce.
Those founding fathers that we used to revere also intended that we NEVER have a royalty, and never again become a servant class in out own country. But somehow or other, you can always count on at least 51% of our population to not get it. Our schools teach American history beginning with Martin Luther King and no longer the founding fathers. So we have managed to hide our story from an ever-expanding segment of our population. Coincidentally, this is the same section of our population that gets its news from Access Hollywood and TMZ.
The cost of running for a statewide office is prohibitive. Even running for a Congressional District has become expensive, but a Senator serves an entire state. And name recognition is what gets people elected. Especially now.
As the system was originally constituted, the Legislature or Governor of the State chose a person who would be a known quantity. Known to them to serve the interests of each individual state.
Now it has become a popularity contest — who is best known, not who serves, for example, the interests of New York. Apparently there are no more experienced people in New York than Caroline Kennedy. But at least she is a resident of New York and has been one. Last time they has to search all the way to Arkansas to find someone to fill the position.
This brings us people who are hereditary politicians like Caroline Kennedy. People with no experience working for a paycheck like the rest of us. Or if they have, it was a Hollywood paycheck. But they have a family name, Bush, Clinton, Kennedy, Bayh, Dailey, Rockefeller. The job was their parent's, their spouses, their relatives. Hereditary titles were something that Washington and Adams especially eschewed, but our people crave someone to rule over them so they do not have to think.

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