Tuesday, January 13, 2009


The end of last week was a blur. Not because it went by so fast, but because my eyes and head were throbbing, my chest was tight, my breathing was labored and I ended up in the ER. (Thursday night in the ER? Is this NBC?) It actually started on Wednesday after lunch. Chinese? Suspicious. Or was it the left over pizza from the fridge at work that morning? A slight headache. Got up Thursday and check the old BP -- 204/114! By ten AM I checked out of work after laying down once or twice (only made it worse). I checked out of work -- they weren't getting any work out of me anyway.
I tried to get a doctor's appointment ... Three PM ... tomorrow. So I drink lots of water. Pee as often as possible. Maybe I can flush it out. Four hours later I barf every bit of the water up while driving to the hospital. Didn't I absorb any?
Five hours later I'm sitting in the first circle of hell, the ER waiting room. And then the second and third levels -- waiting in the inner room in the backless nightgown. The first thing that you learn is you always must wait. No visit to the hospital is complete without a bracelet or two and an IV line. Finally something to stop the pain. Have I "had a CT before?". Maybe 15. Five or six PETs, and an MRI. So what is one more? I'll take the 8x10 glossy, two 5x7 mattes, and the wallet-sized.
Brain still OK, no busted heart vessels.
Next day the BP is down to 117/60. Go figure. I don't know that they gave me any-thing for the BP.
So what was it? Something I ate? The Chinese lestaulant boasts 'No MSG'. Were they rying? No more stress at work than normal.

So they had me fill about a gas can with pee at home for the lab. I'm not allowed to have anyone else help me. OK, just the lawnmower sized gas can. More tests. We'll see what it means later.

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