Friday, January 16, 2009

Cheap, Fast or Well Done? Pick Any Two.

Two see the difference between allowing the Government to run anything and private industry, look no further than the railroads. What you see is an actual place setting from a Pennsylvania Railroad dining car. It was NOT unique, it was typical, and this was in an area with minimal competition. When I would go to college in 1964-67, this would be the first part of my journey from Philadelphia to Chicago.
The second part of my journey across Illinois from Chicago to Savanna offered real competition -- I had my choice of the the Chicago Burlington and Pacific, the Northern Pacific, the Milwaukee Road, or the Union Pacific. They each tried to outdo themselves. The food was cooked on the train and legendary. And they were not terribly expensive
Now contrast Amtrak. Surly take-it-or-leave-it service. Overpriced commissary made plastic wrapped sandwiches. As little as it possible to give you, without any concern for your comfort or happiness.
Do you think it will be any different when the Government takes over your medical care?

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luxomni said...

This time they will get it right ... not like everything else they have ever done.