Monday, October 6, 2008

More Tax, Less income

Mr. Obama, I saw your tax change proposal and found that my wife and I are in the top 10% group and are one of those groups whose taxes will increase. First of all, who would have thought a school teacher and an electrician would be in the top 10%? Must be a lot of people not doing much.

My father always told me "Don't worry if you income makes your taxes go up, your income goes up more."

But, I am a baby boomer. I am one of those thinking "when do I retire?" And my income isn't going up, just my taxes. And I think my life belongs to me, not you. So stand by, Mr. Obama. When you raise my taxes and my paycheck shrinks, be prepared to have to raise them again as I and all those in my cohort shrug. You are right of course that I will have less money, but I will have my time back. It will be all mine - free and clear. So you will have to raise taxes again to make up for our missing revenue, and that will push more of us over the edge to retirement ed infinitum.

And those super rich people that you and your Liberal Democrats want so much to punish (odd because so many Lawyers and Left Coast Hollywood stars are the super rich) will become expatriots, and take their wealth with them to a tax friendlier environment.

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