Friday, October 17, 2008

Enlightened Self Interest

Last time, I wrote of my surprise at a Jewish person's pro-Obama bumper sticker in Hebrew. I didn't understand how someone could vote against themselves. I since read that the Jewish people were very enthusiastic supporters of Mr. Hitler's national socialism before the rabid antisemitism came out.

Now I have been noticing a phenomenom. I noticed it before, but didn't pay attention. Big fancy houses and cars with Obama signs and bumper stickers. Now the cars I can be a little more lenient with. You can have an $80 thousand dollar car without a $250 thousand dollar income. Truly, most of the extremely wealthy people I ever know drove more modest cars that I. (Perhaps how the got wealthy?)So maybe that new shiny convertible with the Obama sticker was financed to the hilt and behind a payment. Who knows? This is but one story:
There is a house up the mountain road about five miles, five twisty turny climbing miles, behind Boulder. The house can only be described as a mansion. 150 yards or more off the road in a relatively flat meadow, it was a new very large and expensive place. His fancy car is too big to be hybrid. An income of two hundred and fifty thousand a year would not begin to pay for this house and cars. But there it was - the big red O with Biden too.
Now Boulder is not a Conservative place so it was no surprise that all the fancy homes in town had the O signs. This one was different. He will not be able to keep his pretty house on the hill. (wasn't all that pretty truthfully - looked garishly immodest and out-of-place like Chateau Elan) The owner of this home is actively campaigning to make himself have more taxes and less gasoline. But I had to wonder why it is that people with the target on their back would support someone who put it there? How does he think he can escape the consequences of his actions?

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