Monday, October 13, 2008

Le-shanah ha-ba-a b'Yerushalayim' (Next year in Jerusalem)

(Forgive this Goyish boy any mistakes in my Hebrew.)

This morning I saw the strangest thing. I saw a Barak Obama bumper sticker written entirely in Hebrew. How very strange. If the Jewish people are as much for Obama as the polls make it seem, why?

Over my lifetime, at the behest of the American Jewish Community, the American Government has sent billions of dollars in military and civilian aid to Israel. Many people have died in the support of the mere existence of American support for Israel. Now they are going to yank the carpet out from under Israel and realign our entire position in the Middle East. No, it is not because of Obama's middle name or anything silly like that. It is simply the Democrat position on our involvement in Mid-Eastern affairs.

So the Christians support the Zionists, but the Jews do not. What a strange world.

So you know those parting words from the Passover Seder "Le-shanah ha-ba-a b'Yerushalayim"? They left off some words: Next year in Jerusalem, there will be only Muslims.

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