Thursday, October 9, 2008

Barak Hussein Obama

By titling this blog with that full name, I understand that I have violated some sort of secret law and will be investigated by the FBI. Apparently there is some sort of exception to freedom of speech involving the middle name of this presidential candidate.

Previous Presidents and presidential candidates have been:
Richard Milhouse Nixon,
Lyndon Baines Johnson,
Dwight David Eisenhower,
William Jefferson Clinton,
Hillary Rodham Clinton,
Frankin Delano Roosevelt,
John Fitzgerald Kennedy,
Ronald Wilson Reagan, and
George Herbert Walker Bush.

I did not have to look up any of these names. You probably didn't have to either. These are their names. Barry Obama's name is Barak Hussein Obama. That is the name his parents gave him, and that is his legal name, whether or not those people trying to force his election on us like it or not.

But even if they choose not to use it, there is an inconvenient little amendment to the United States Constitution that says they may not tell me what I may call him and what I may not. So save your violating the Constitution until after he is sworn in.

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