Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Some People Are Above Taxes

Tom Daschle has withdrawn from consideration as Cabinet Secretary of Health and Human Services because of controversy about not declaring all his income (and some imputed income from limo rides). Daschle has a history of being a proponent of confiscatory taxation and redistribution of the fruits of our labor.

Timothy Geithner
is our new Secretary of the Treasury. He is the man to whom your taxes flow. He was previously the head of the New York Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank. But prior to that he worked for the International Monetary Fund. You know he had 'some tax problems' that troubled his confirmation. Did you know what they were? He did not pay taxes on his employment with the IMF ... even though they had given him the money to pay the taxes with. Even had he paid the taxes I do not understand how that itself would not be additional income. Does your employer pay your taxes for you? Could they do it and not have it be considered income? No to both of those questions.

And I am supposed to send him 28% of my income? Taxes are just for the little man - like you, and me.

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