Friday, February 27, 2009

Insufficiency Is Not Economy

A thought came to me as I dressed this morning.In true John Galt style, I work a simple honest workman's job, but one that requires me to wear a uniform. This morning I put on one of my newer uniform shirts. The manufacturer and my employer saved money by the imitation economy of making the shirt-tails an inch or so shorter than they used to be. This has the result of afflicting me with maintenance-man syndrome. Or at least it would if I didn't wear a tee shirt and maybe if I had an ass.

But as a country, we no longer know the difference between quantity and quality, and especially, we no longer know the difference between price and value. This accounts for the success of WalMart and the nation of the People's Republic of China. It also accounts to a large extent for our current economic problems and unemployment.

In keeping with this trend, you can expect Mr. Obama to take one more office of the US Department of Commerce (along with the Census)and put it directly under the White House. The National Bureau of Standards will be made a direct report to the White House and Rahm Emmanuel. The standards of weight volume and distance will be be adjusted so that we will produce more. Where currently we produce a million gallons of orange juice in a given time period, now we will be able to produce 1.5 million gallons. The textile industry through no more plants will be able to produce the number of yards of fabric that it produced in 1960. There is currently one small problem, New York will be more miles away from Washington, DC, but a blue ribbon panel of Chicago Democratic Machine members is working on that problem and expects to have it worked out during the second or third terms.

A similar adjustment is planned for the value of the dollar.

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