Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pass the Stimulus Package Now Or ...

"Pass the stimulus now or we may never recover". Barack H. Obama
We may never have another chance.

It it just me? That talk radio guys were all over that one on Friday, but every one of them missed an analogy. I know where I have heard that tone and urgency before. I know exactly where I was sitting when someone spoke at me with that now or never urgency. It was in the clutches of a timeshare salesperson. Don't think it through. I have given you all the information. Just sign on the dotted line. "You will never have this opportunity again."

Nevermind that the immediate economic stimulus won't hit for nearly two years and will cost forever. Nevermind that the stimulus is targeted at benefits for the various (nefarious) Government agencies.

Vote now. Vote now! VOTE NOW! VOTE NO.

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