Thursday, February 5, 2009

CEO Salary Limits

For once I disagree with Neal Boortz and agree with Barack Obama! It must be the end of the world. Lions will lie down with lambs. The sky will open up and we have to be up to at least the sixth seal.

Obama wants to limit the salaries of CEO receiving bail out money to a mere $400,000 per year. That is the least that should be done. I say limit their meeting expenses and make every flight on the old corporate Gulfstream require prior approval from the GAO.

People, including Boortz, tend to forget that these are not successful CEOs that we are bailing out. These are gamblers who lost.

You don't think that you can work for just $400,000 a year? Don't take the bailout. If you take my money, it should come with conditions that you use it responsibly.

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