Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wyoming Horizon

As I look about my world at home, in a county that went from crowded to triple that population in 20 years, I forget that there is still a world like this out there. Not all our country is megalopolis. But the arrogance of our Federal Government know no bounds. The same well meaning but silly and crippling laws apply here as in Atlanta. You pull in to a juke joint across the gravel lot and there are the requisite number of unused handicapped spaces. (I did not check to see if the outhouse was handicap accessible.)

I try to imagine these people being forced to give up their pickup trucks and forced into Prius (priuses? Prii?) and driving silly city cars because the people in New York, Washington, and San Francisco don't even know what the rest of the country is like. We ain't inside the beltway kids.

I drove through Laramie, Wyoming and there was an old hound lazily wandering his neighborhood and my mind raced to the PETA do-gooders and lawyers that would have made a scandal of it in my neighboorhood.

The United States is a big and varied place. One size fits all should apply as little as possible.

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