Sunday, May 11, 2008

Red State. Blue State.

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Not even Rush Limbaugh picked up on it. Some years ago, USA Today published a map which showed the split in the Republican and Democratic states. The urban heavy states had a majority of Liberal Democrats and were colored blue. The rural Republican states were colored red. I have two problems with the map and its consequences.
First why those colors and not the reverse? Could it really have just been a coincidence? Why were the Liberal wins not colored the RED that they should have been? Am I the only one who thinks that our Liberal Media establishment deliberately hid the red connection to the liberal Democratic party?

And second, why have we never seen the breakdown county-by-county? That would show just how this balance really is not just red-state blue-state. The imbalance really is how outweighed the rural part of our country is by the inner cities of the country. I have heard many ignorant speakers call for eliminating the Electoral College. If you saw county-by-county just how bad the imbalance is, you would understand just how important the Electoral college really is. So why won't the news outlets show us?

There can be no doubt that our news media really is biased in favor of a system that would eliminate the freedom that lets them rail against their own country.


Felix said...

Weren't the colors reversed in the late 80's or early 90's? My memory says that red was democratic and blue republican in the TV graphics of the 80's and before. I've always figured they changed the colors for the 88 or 92 election.

Agreed. Curious. :)

Felix said...

Ah. Here's an article with some info on the history of red/blue. They have it that it's a 2000 election thing.

Felix said...