Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Candidates who don't know what a President does

There is a reason that most Presidents have been ex-Governors and Mayors and not Senators. All three of these candidates are demonstrating the reason why. The President is the head of the "Executive" branch of our government, not the Legislative; any yet all three of these horrible candidates are proposing legislation that they would institute once they were chief executive. They are promising this program and that program and how they will nationalize this industry and that. It is all in the name of "common good" mind you; but it is not what our founding fathers envisioned.
But it doesn't really start with these candidates. For nearly 100 years now, Congress has been derelict in their duty. Instead of the crafting the minimum sensible laws for us to operate under, they have delegated sweeping powers to an ever-increasing number of government sub-bureaucracies like the EPA who can make rules and abridge rights on a whim with no real check or balance. They mean well they say, and if we complain, we must be against whatever noble cause they claim to stand for -- in the cited case, if you object to an edict of the EPA you must be against clean air. It is the perfect Catch 22. If you think that the Department of Education undermines education, you must be against children. To these unelected sub-employees, results are never as important as process. Which is why making the rules should never be the province of the Executive Branch, but belongs instead to our House of Representatives who is accountable to us every other year. But our remaining candidates all believe that not only is this as it should be, they believe it grants them supernumary powers to make laws as they believe necessary to instill their own design of what they would like our country to be.
And this my friends scares me. Not only does our population exhibit an abysmal ignorance on our Constitutional system, but every single one of the remaining viable candidates intends to take advantage of that ignorance.

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