Saturday, May 10, 2008

If charity makes the giver feel good, it doesn't matter if it hurts the reciever

I'm seeing red. For years we have heard the Social Security Trust Fund doesn't have enough income to cover the old age of the "baby boomers". I might manage to receive a year or two of it, but those born in 1954 or 55 will be lucky to get any.
So why am I so mad? My neighbor over the back fence just proudly told me that she finally qualified to receive Social Security payments. She claims she is too disabled to work, because she is handicapped. Her problem? She is too fat to work, (about 300 lbs or so) and so her knees hurt. So for the rest of her life you must support her. Frankly, a little walking might get rid of some of that fat. In the school system where I work, I am starting to see more and more of that -- women getting too fat to walk without assistance and trying to retire early. Parking in the handicapped spaces so they can save a car length or three when coming in. Real handicapped people ought to be incensed. That is not a handicap, it is a lifestyle choice.
My neighbor? I'm glad you asked, since you will be supporting her for the rest of her life. She's 27.

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