Thursday, February 20, 2020

Thinking of the Big Bang Theory TV show, I realized that I identified a bit too much with Sheldon Cooper although I have not as great a memory anymore. The writers had really intended us to identify with  Leonard, the George Antrobus, the every man. But no, though not as totally emotionless as Sheldon, much of my thought processes mimic his.
Typing has become more difficult because it is the primary time  my obsessive compulsiveness kicks in, and in my old age my typing is getting worse as I hit adjacent keys instead of the ones I want. Meanwhile the thought pattern is still going into overdrive pursuing ideas, yet at the same time justifying every definition and statement. Hence, Almost ever statement contains the word 'and' two clarifying words of the type which un-worded people would tease me as 25¢ words. (I wonder how much large words are worth today? Last I heard, a dollar.*) More than merely highly precision-ed indecisiveness? The words have concrete meanings. Or could it be depth of inquiry. an excess of options to choose from and so many more to try. The bounds of unlimited curiosity. And our ever-present Master of those boundaries? Time. 
*Does anyone know if strippers exotic dancers take Bitcoin?
How many ₿ for a pole dance?

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