Saturday, October 8, 2016

It is time to start thinking what comes next, After Trump is elected. 

It will be a disaster no matter which one is elected.  But the disasters will quite different. There will be problems that don't care which one is in place.  Problems that are built into the system, and problems where the die has been cast irrevocably years ago.
But I am interested in the ones that will come possibly as early as the morning after the election.
President Obama and the Establishment cabal of which Hillary is the heir apparent have been setting us up for a number of different wars. Not all of them are external.

1) Race - For the last eight years President Obama. Racial relations have taken a disasterous turn, reversing all the gains in racial harmony of the sixties and seventies. Whether it was by design, which I believe it was, or by accident; it will not miraculously heal when Obama leaves. For all the talk of police attacking blacks,  the truth is that black crime and, especially, murder and mayhem is a real thing. Many of them are at war with white America as well. Trump's election will exacerbate their violence. Probably with almost instantaneous riots.

2) Financial - The Clintons, the Bushes, and Obama were wholly owned representatives of certain "too big to fail" international banking houses. The banks have been playing imaginary money games with us for more than 50 years. The Government has run interference for them because they too benefited from the arrangement. During the Obama terms, they, having escaped punishment for the part excesses, continued to play the risky derivatives games.  Whether by design or unintentionally, this system collapse is inevitable. In 2008, the collapse actually started when Obama became the Democrat nominee. This time the trap is larger and loaded. They will spring it and blame Trump. You might says the threat is "Trumped up". Here is their opportunity to break out of the quagmire and blame someone else. I am not saying that Hillary could avoid it. No one can. The bubble is blown. It will pop. It becomes a question of sooner? Or later? It will only be bigger later. It is probable that the banks will engineer a crash to punish us as they are attempting to do to Britain for Brexxit.  What we do know is the the Mainstream Media will 'blame the innocent' and protect the real criminals who just happen to own them.

3) Immigration. - The last administrations have let a torrent of unvetted, illegal, immigrants into this county with attempt to bring them into mainstream American values. The resulting Balkanization already is destroying the American standard-of-living. Those jobs that have not been shipped overseas have instead been attacked by non-chattel slave wages. The Democrats are using them to block-bust American communities and voting. The RINOs (or Washington-centric Republicans) want them to suppress wages. The only people who do not want them is the Americans who have to live in the lawless mess they create, as illegal is not merely how they get here. It is their way of life. And that is without even considering the unique problems of those of MidEastern descent. The day after a Trump election we can expect the Community Agitators to whip these people into a frenzy replete with violence, and for three month a mad scramble to rush our Southern border ahead of the inauguration.

 4) China - China has been militarizing for a while, accelerating in the last five years undoing the relationship improvements that occurred under Carter, and Reagan and the first Bush. Bill Clinton in return for contributions allowed them both legally and illegally to obtain technology for the aiming and control of Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles. While at the same time, we have been purchasing virtually everything we buy from them with ever more worthless currency. You know how you feel about losing a $20 bill, multiply that be trillions! When the bankers exact their revenge on us for putting Trump in, the least we can expect is for the Chinese to cease selling to us except payable in gold. The most? Armed conflict.

5) Russia. Despite the people's rising up against and stopping President Obama's first attempt to depose Bashar al Assad's Russian supported regime in Syria, we are involved in the war against the Russian supported dictator. The Obama administration has been maneuvering us toward armed conflict with Russia in Syria for some time. They have even been deluging us with propaganda about it. President Obama will have 3 months to saddle the incoming President with a war openly against Russia that could be a one-way street to nuclear war. Obama has nothing to lose.

6) Iran and Saudi Arabia - Obama has been packing our nation deliberately with hundreds of thousands of Muslims who have no plans to assimilate to the American culture and political system. In fact, there continue to be Muslims who randomly commit acts of violence not against those in charge but against ordinary people going about their lives. Trump has promised to do something about that. Their time to take action against us will again be (just like Sept 11, 2001) before the administration has itself in order. Expect violence here also. The barbarians are within our gates.

7) Korea. - a definite wild Card. But not Trump specific, other than just opportunistic exploitation of the other turmoil.

None of this is to say that we would be better off with Hillary, the Queen of All Liars and Swindlers. 
The very most we could get from Hillary is a temporary reprieve during which time the problems grow inexorably larger and more devastating. We can pay the price of the Elite's games now, or later when it is more massive. But pay we will. So when do we pay the piper? 
The very least we will get from Hillary is a Supreme Court that overturns the Constitutional restrictions on Government usurping powers the Government was not supposed to have. There will be tortuously worded decisions that chip away at the Bill of Rights until there are none at all. This effectively makes this election our very last chance to reassert 'We, the People's', dominance over our government. 

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