Thursday, February 20, 2020

Luxomni is vulgar Latin for 'all light' not 'Light for all". That would be 'Lux pro omnia.' The latter would imply the ownership of the light provided was the givers to be given.

       The same with  the rights listed in the Constitution which President Obama decried as "negative rights"; the sine qua non of our nation's founding, the line in the sand beyond which the Government shall not go. Without which the "Several States" would not have banded together to be a Nation, the Bill of Rights.  
      A right is not the Government's to give us. It can only deny them. A right is inherent in our birth. No 'Right' can compel the actions of another soul.

     So is healthcare a right? There is a lot of compulsion to go around, taxpayers, providers, pharmaceutical companies, the pensions that are invested in them,hospitals, Doctors & Nurses and finally patients. That doesn't quite sound like a Right.

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