Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Roughing It

The hotel has no pool, there is no firewater served in the Navaho Nation, and it is a long miserable (although beautiful) drive to civilization (or actually anywhere else), but comfort is relative. The hotel, the only one in miles and miles, is so new that it doesn't even show on Google Maps. The restaurant serves Navaho specialties (bring Tums) that are delicious and attracts locals as well as international visitors. The view is spectacular ... and familiar.

When I think of all the films that were shot here I also think of a photo of a woody station wagon in front of El Capitan taken in 1941 of what is now US 191. This was when approaching this area required hours of non-air-conditioned driving on dirt roads across the desert. And I think of John Wayne and John Ford and all the entourage required in shooting a movie being brought out here for who knows how long to shoot against these beautiful and familiar backgrounds.

I am glad I did it ... Once.

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