Monday, June 7, 2010

Great Comments from Washington Times Online

f42b3b70037e2dca783d250c37a5f7 says:

Welcome comrades! Our most blessed leader knows what is best for us, oh unworthy sheeple. Soon, we will not be subjected to the incessant arguing that occurs on that hateful FOX News, but will hear only the quiet still words of our dear leader. All will be in harmony, as we rise to new levels of debt and to government spending yet unimaginable. We must throw off the yoke of these outdated 18th century concepts of freedom, constitution, and truth and be liberated to enjoy the unfolding of a glorious new world order. Dear leader knows what is best for us. Listen to his soothing words as he leads the way into the light . . .

Wait . . through the light. . what is this vision? Why do I see teeming masses of people with electronic counters on their heads? Ah, comrade, these are the damned, the taxpayers of the new world. They pay a tax for each breath, each thought, each word, each motion, for the good of dear leader so that he can spread his message of peace and bring harmony to our world.

Good bye America. R.I.P.


and by Soxconn:

The only thing Obama could not control during the election was the internet. If you take into account the Fairness Doctrine, net neutrality and now this, it is three attempts to constrain the first amendment like no other president has. Number four is placing an 'I believe the first amendment should be constrained for socially redeeming purposes' judge on the Supreme Court. Only time will tell.

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