Monday, June 7, 2010

New Record: Oldest Person Ever Fired For Cause!

Is it just me, or does she look like the personification of evil just on appearances?

Veteran nonagenarian Helen Thomas was asked to resign today as White House correspondent. Ms. Thomas was noted and widely loved for her free-wheeling attacks of Republican Presidents over the last 60 years; but she crossed the line and exposed her true feelings about her employer's (Hearst News), and one of William Randolph Hearst's, pet projects:
Hearst described Kristallnacht as “making the flag of National Socialism a symbol of national savagery” and advocated the creation of a "homeland for dispossessed or persecuted Jews.”* When news of the Holocaust began to seep out of occupied Europe, Hearst covered it as important news, in contrast to other newspapers which downplayed the mass murders.*
Wikipedia on William Randolph Hearst

I suspect Ms. Thomas, based on her observations of President Obama's speech and actions toward Isreal and the Jews, and Secretary of State Clinton's and the press's disapproval of recent Israeli defensive actions thought it was now sufficiently safe to be open with her antisemitism.

Somewhere in Highland Ranch, Colorado there is a man ... A man who, I hope remembers a conversation we had in the Summer of 2008. The man was an observant Jew and an Obama supporter. I warned him of antisemitism coming back into favor along with Candidate Obama and his support of the Muslim world. He told me it was the Christians and not the Socialists who were antisemitic. We will see who was right.

*Jerusalem Post, April 22, 2009, Rafael Medoff, Hearst and the Holocaust

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