Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pork Barrel Spending

Pork Barrel Spending is buying votes back home by getting the Imperial Federal Government to pay for services of a local nature. Simple ... and dishonest. It is a game played by incumbent politicians to buy reelection by fooling the sheeple back home into thinking they are getting something for nothing.

There is no surprise that most people are to ignorant and shortsighted to recognize the simplicity of this fact - they have been educated in schools that teach according to standards set by the same government and politicians that benefit by their ignorance.

Again, there are only three possibilities: A state or even local community can get back more, less or the same amount its citizens pay in taxes. There are no other options. Period. You are either stealing from someone else, being stolen from, or for no reason giving power to someone far away and removed from knowledge of your local community the power to decide to give your wealth back to your community back to you.

For some reason the people think that there is magic in Washington, DC; when there are only people serving their self-interests while pretending to serve yours. Now, this is not lost on the local politicians who can improve their power and status by not having to come to you to fund the things about which you rightly should have a choice. It builds their arrogance too. They don't have to come to you to completely fund that minor league baseball stadium that should be funded by the people that will profit from its existence (like Gwinnett County, GA). You only have to fund part of it. The part that is not coming from you already. Think old fashioned shell game.

The truth is that the farther away from you that decisions are made, the less input, control, and influence you have over the things that affect you life! Do everything you can to keep governance at the lowest level possible.

Pork barrel spending is in all cases an obfuscation of the real trail of money.

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