Saturday, May 1, 2010

Police Arbitrariness

The state of Arizona has passed a law regarding illegal aliens that has garnered much reproval from the mainstream media and the usual protest leaders (AL Sharpton) but is generally supported or even demanded by us everyday, ordinary, Joes. That is, ipso ergo, when the police have arrested someone, check whether they are illegally in this country. Simple. Common sense. And we all know the police are generally judicious in their use of their power to arrest. (or we might have been right there with them at some point)

On the other hand, there is a sport here in the Atlanta area. Many people regularly watch Gwinnett Mugs and Delkab Mugs, the daily intake mugshots of two of our local county lockups.

This has led me to believe that the police do this too; and I have come to believe that there is some kind of police lottery regarding who can bring the strangest looking catch of the day. Now I'm not saying the prisoners don't deserve to be there ... I'm just saying there might be a pool with a daily winner attached to this version of People of Walmart.

However you get them, if they are not here legally, the least you can do is send them back. It might even make them straighten up, fit in, and behave in order not to be arrested and sent home. And isn't proper behavior all we really want of them in the first place?

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