Saturday, May 1, 2010

Politicians Always Do The Opposite of What They Say

Has anyone noticed that politicians always do the opposite of what they say? Invariably. I don't necessarily mean on a top level - they say they will vote for a bill and they generally do; no, I mean that the bill generally does the opposite of what the politician says it will do. Stimulus bills that must be passed immediately or doom and gloom will beset the nation, but then the money needn't be spent until just before the next election.

Or how about, Democrats help the poor? More like "I'd like to help you out, which way did you come in." Having finished fscking up our countries medical systems in ways they haven't even read yet, they are going after our national energy system with Cap and Trade. Cap and trade will cap carbon emissions, or at least the approximately 2% that are the results of human action at a level of a few hundred millions less people ago; and let the very wealthy extort money from all of us trying to go about our lives. Extort money? Well, there is this commodities exchange in Chicago (who'd have thought?) that will handle (for a fee) all the little annoying details. It is owned by a number of familiar names in the global climate "sky is falling" movement. (who'd have thought that too?) But what is it going to do? It will affect the price of ALL energy. Sure, it will raise the price of gas. But you won't have the money to buy a car anyway. And besides you won't have money to take a vacation - you will be working to hard just to survive. No, the real energy sink that will go through the roof and make you life a living hell is when the cost of heating and cooling your house becomes so astronomical that you huddle around the heater in the one heated room in your house or apartment, much like I had to do forty years ago when I was a poor college student. This will become the norm for the poor and the working class. (Maybe just the working class - the beloved indolent poor will probably get a government handout) And even those people like my friend Connie way up North who heat their houses with fire wood will be affected. After all, it produces CO2 when one burns wood. There will be chimney police like they have in the Denver area who drive around with their little infrared cameras checking the temperature of chimney gases on no-burn days. In the mean time Al Gore will have his multiple mansions and nine fireplaces because, due to the fact that he is rich AND one of the end recipients of the taxation this puts on the rest of us, he will not live like you and me. Which brings me back to the biggest politician lie:

That they are for the little guy; when everything they do pushes themselves up by pushing down on the little guy.

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