Friday, October 9, 2009

Nobel Prize (take 2)

I don't usually hit twice on blog subjects, but this one astounds me. I may will never look at the Nobel Peace Prize the same again. There is no way this one was earned. It was merely awarded. President Obama himself has acknowledged that. I can't get this out of my head.
It is not like I didn't know that politics affected the award of the Nobel Peace Prize any more than it does at the Academy Awards. At some level I thought there was some honesty in the award. I had thought of it as loosened standards, not total fraud. Had they waited until the end of his term, until he had actually accomplished something, or maybe even a couple years into his term, I would have thought 'maybe'. But this is on a par with the Philadelphia 1904 elections where 100% of the voters voted for the Democrat Party in one precinct only to have a great number of people say "I didn't". Here there is no doubt. The Nobel Committee was just a little too fast on the award to retain credibility.

That is the thing about integrity, a little breech is as bad as a big breech.

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