Friday, October 9, 2009

April First Comes Late This Year!

President Barak Hussein Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize!
Only two sitting presidents have been awarded a Nobel Prize, Woodrow Wilson* for keeping us out of World War One, and Teddy Roosevelt for - who remembers? Jimmy Carter had already left office when he received his for brokering that lasting peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians.
And President Obama received his for gracing the world with his presence. The deadline for submissions was February 1st, a mere 11 days after he was sworn in.

*By the way, he later got us into WWI and imprisoned anyone who dissented about it - even at their own dinner table.

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luxomni said...

The deadline for [entry] submissions was eleven days after inauguration day.
Let's see Inauguaration Day was spent shaking hands and partying. Minus one day.
Presuming that the application was submitted on the last day and was hand delivered to Oslo by airplane. Minus one day.
The application had to be written and typed up. We will be generous and say two days.
We are down to seven days. One week. Anyone remember anything in the cause of international peace that happened in Obama's first week? I can't.