Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hate Crime - so important they had to sneak the law in.

I have an objection to the concept of "Hate Crimes" that I have never heard expressed by a talk radio pundit.

We are all supposed to be equal under the law. Now the Federal Government is telling me that if I am assaulted or killed, I am less important than others because I am not of a protected group. Since I am not gay and I do not belong to one of the Liberal's recognized protected minority groups, I don't matter.

It makes me wonder. If I claim to be gay so the police will pay attention to crimes where I would be the victim, would I have to prove it? Or would they just take my word? And what if the perpetrator just thought I was gay, even though I am not, do I still get special treatment? So many decisions. How about making the law simpler rather than more complex? Assault, battery, murder are crimes - no matter who the victim is.

And if this law is so important, why did you need to sneak it in on a military budget bill? Why not just vote on it as a law? Why must the Liberals alway lie?

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