Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"... The Will of the Majority I will Always Obey ..."

Many years ago I was part of a real democratic organization, a labor union. The oath of allegiance opened every meeting and included the line above. I left because the majority could be counted on to vote against its best interests every time. They would always try to cut open the goose that laid the golden egg - every time. That, and there being more lazy, inexperienced, and incompetent members who had come in as temporary workers than people who were educated, pre-experienced, and had a good work ethic. The majority first group did all they could do to hobble the minority second group.

By definition, democrats are supposed to follow the will of the simple majority. They certainly give it lip service. Then why, with between 57% and 84% of the population opposing the proposed changes to our American health care system (depending on whose survey you hear), are the Democrats ignoring the will of the majority with such arrogance?

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luxomni said...

An addendum:
When I left my union brothers cut the hoses and belts on my car and removed nearly all the lugnuts on my wife's car.

The reason I had to leave during a strike? I was paying child support and the judge didn't care that we were not working.